Introducing: Brand New Credit River Valley

  • The footbridge over the water

  • The front of the old, retro cabin

  • Another view of the stream

  • The back of the old, retro cabin

We’ve got big plans for this rural build, on a large picturesque property previously home to a 1970s Viceroy cabin.

Our clients, a couple with two grown-up sons, had lived in a nearby town, and had dreams of retiring to the countryside. Last year, they decided to try their luck and look for property nearby. They found this property and fell in love with everything but the property’s home, which was poorly designed and riddled with mould. The 49 acre lot the house sits on, however, is a different story. Mature mixed forest stands to the north and west, and a long cedar-lined driveway leading off the property to the east. A Credit River tributary flows along the property’s south side, crowned by an idyllic footbridge (that the previous house faced away from!)

Instead of investing in the hugely expensive cost of repairing the existing home, they decided to rip it all down and start fresh. Besides, the old house had its back turned to the gorgeous south-facing river! With a new start, they would be able to grow old together in a customized house perfect for them and perfect for the property. So they chose Solares as their architect and we got started on the design.

The property is great for biking, hiking, and sitting outdoors reading and enjoying, all of which our clients do often. As a COO and a stay-at-home mom, the couple spend their free time traveling, visiting with their two children and their families, and lounging either inside watching TV and movies, or outdoors reading and relaxing. The wife is an avid cook and cookbook-collector. With over 2000 cookbooks in her collection, kitchen storage space is critical! Tons is needed to store her cookbooks for easy access, for regular weeknight and Sunday-morning perusal.

Their love of travel also means their home must be able to handle long periods of time without any upkeep, when the family is away on long, far-flung trips, something they are looking forward to doing much more of come retirement.

The couple are both fans of architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s warm and stately works (as are we!), as well as old Georgian houses and cottages. Their furniture collection is extensive – largely wooden mission pieces in honey-coloured hues with intricate detailing. Above everything else, they want to make sure that the finished house is as beautiful as the property surrounding it

The new building will be organic – as Frank Lloyd Wright would’ve wanted – and integrated into the surrounding landscape. As a bungalow with a finished walk-out basement, it will sit at 2000 sq.ft. per floor. When I said we had BIG plans, I wasn’t kidding!

Next on the docket for this project is finalizing the design. Then, we’re happily knocking that big old cabin down and building a house that our clients love. Stay posted!


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