Interiors: Frontenac House’s Wood and White Walls

We’ve talked about Frontenac’s location, in the rural cedar woods of Frontenac County, Ontario. We’ve talked about its modern, one-floor design, its ZIP wall sheathing, and its Roxul Mineral Wool insulation. We’ve talked about its solar panels and its mostly electric systems.

Now, it’s time to talk about what’s going on inside the house – the colours on the walls, the countertops and cabinetry, the floors and the furniture.

The home’s interiors are modern and sleek, with a touch of natural elements like warm wooden floors and kitchen cabinetry and huge, floor-to-ceiling windows that seem to bring the forested outdoors right into the space. The walls were painted white, the perfect backdrop for our client’s large art collection.

The kitchen cabinetry was done by a local carpenter, which is a lovely, unique change from our normal IKEA cabinetry! Don’t get us wrong, we love IKEA cabinets, as they’re formaldehyde-free, low VOC, attractive, AND affordable. But, everyone and their mother seems to have an IKEA kitchen! We’re always happy to be able to feature local talent, and the warm chestnut kitchen is a beautiful statement in the house’s Great Room.

The exterior of the home matches the interior’s warm-yet-sleek aesthetic. The glass of the windows reflect the trees and sky, and the black steel siding almost makes the home disappear into the shadows of the forest. The porch is pre-finished, solid wood from a Canadian company called Maibec. And what’s especially cool and unique about the wooden porch? The colour of wood was selected to match the colour of the dried pine needles that fill the forest’s floor.

Construction on this house was a breeze, thanks to our amazing builder, Mike McGonegal of Reeves Fine Homes, a local builder from Kingston. He made sure the project ran smoothly and quickly — the whole house was built in only 5 months! Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication, Mike!

Next time we talk about Frontenac, we’ll be tying up loose ends and sharing the house’s final photos! It’s been so satisfying watching this house come together.


  1. Tanya sheridan March 24, 2017 Reply

    We are interested in building a passive house and would like a wood stove/ fireplace. I trust the one in this home meets passivhaus standards. could you tell me the manufacturer please! Thanks

    • Author
      Solares March 27, 2017 Reply

      This is actually a propane fireplace! Not sure of the manufacturer, our clients picked it out themselves.

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