Interiors: Edwardian Renovation’s Mix of Styles

  • The contemporary kitchen

  • Entrance to the formal living area & the glass stair

Choosing the interiors of a house is a bit like decorating homemade cookies.

Sure, there’s still flour all over the counter, you spilled some sugar on the floor, and there are tons of dishes left to do. But the final step is in sight! Now comes the stage where the critical questions are dictated by aesthetic preferences and taste, not by structural soundness or stability.

Edwardian Renovation’s sprinkles and icing are multiple and diverse. And although the real thing may not be delicious, it is still beautiful, with myriad styles throughout all three levels, wrapped up in a high performance envelope.

The traditional dining room, living room, and foyer maintain a traditional, Edwardian aesthetic, with intricate trim and wood detailing. The mudroom hosts a solid walnut credenza, and a walnut bench with a lovely live edge, and the third floor bathroom is the main homage to the era, with vintage black-and-white tiles and a freestanding pedestal bath.

The main floor’s powder room was kept simple, with a wallpapered niche opposite the door that can be changed up for less cost than a total re-paint.

The open-concept and modern Great Room, located at the back of the house, has a more contemporary finish, with white glossy walnut cabinets in the kitchen. The solid, white oak flooring, which continues throughout the house, is made by Black Bear, a local company with a mill in Acton, ON. The stairs are also white oak, with an impressive modern glass railing.

Our clients’ two children both have asthma, so the family wanted to be sure all plywood, furniture, countertops, and paints used were made with as little VOC or formaldehyde as possible. Ikea uses no formaldehyde in their products, so we were luckily still able to use our favourite cabinetry in the kitchen, laundry room and pantry!

The kids’ had their own say in their bedrooms upstairs, and each en-suite bathroom, though their features match, has an individual accent colour chosen by each of them. These upstairs bathrooms, including the master bedroom’s bathroom, are spa-like and serene, adorned with glass tile and limestone.

This stately home is coming together beautifully, with style from all eras. It’s got the best of all worlds, and we’re excited to do the final clean-up and get the house ready for move-in day!


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