Final Reveal: the Finished Bickford Park!

  • The calming master bedroom & its hidden closet space

  • The master bedroom's ensuite

  • The living room, comfy couch & doors to the backyard

  • The dreamy laundry room

  • Another angle of the kitchen island

  • The open concept kitchen, stairs & brickwork

  • One last look at the home at dusk

  • Beyond the dining area, a set of French doors lead to the front garden

  • The play/music room

  • The music room's colourful bookshelves

The paint has dried, the paintings are hung, the bookshelves filled, and the furniture in place. Bickford Park is complete!

Our clients have moved in and they love their new & efficient home. We love this house too: it’s the perfect combination of clean, open, and elegant, yet, friendly, warm, and welcoming.

One of the things our clients love the most is the amount of doors leading outside – there are four on the main floor!

The front door, painted a bright lime green, gives the house a look of whimsy from the sidewalk; a set of french doors open up to the dreamy front porch and garden; a “side” door off the kitchen, leads to the back barbeque; and at the very back of the house, a set of large glass doors opens up to the spacious back yard, flooding the living room with light and air. This connectivity enables the front garden and the back yard to become a cohesive part of the first floor. Inside, the dining room table is tucked in the front bay, overlooking the porch and garden. Past this, a large kitchen island with a central exhaust hood creates a cool and industrial feel and splits the dining room from the living room.

The second floor front room has been filled with musical instruments, toys, and books.

The sun shines through the western bay window and the glass french doors provide some privacy from the second floor hallway and stairs, so the kids can practice piano and ukulele – or the parents can get some work done in the office space – in peace. The serene master bedroom includes an ensuite bathroom, in blue-grey and tile, and a big east-facing window. And who wouldn’t want a laundry room like theirs? Off the second floor hallway, the spacious room has vintage checkered floors and tons of counter and storage space, so everyone can pitch in on the chores.

The kids rooms on the top floor are sleepy and magical, with slanting roofs, canopy beds, and soft streaming light through the kids’ north and west windows.

Tons of open space means the kids can litter the floor with toys and play together or separately in their own bedrooms.

Sure, the place looks like a dream, but the cold hard stats prove that this place is dead serious when it comes to efficiency.

With a 71% reduction in Annual Heat Loss, and an 81% reduction in space heating, the place is comfortable and warm – or cool! – with little effort and waste. The final air leakage rate is over 3 times more air-tight than before renovations, at 4.45ACH@50Pa. That’s a shocking difference from the previous 14.31 ACG@50Pa!

The Energuide rating began at 22, the lowest Solares had ever seen! Now the rating sits at a 76, even without any basement renovations. Remember, the home’s basement is as of yet completely unfinished which makes the home’s “final” stats that much more impressive. Once our clients insulate and air seal  the basement in a few years’ time, these impressive ratings will only get better!

Finally, the new renovation boasts a near 15-tonne reduction in annual greenhouse gas emissions – that’s equivalent to what 5 Honda Civics combined produce in one year!

Thanks to our very own Melodie Coneybeare, the home was lovingly and exceptionally designed. Working closely with the clients, Melodie was able to design a home that suits their needs, goals and budget.

And we couldn’t have seen this project through without our awesome General Contractor, Jesse Hayes, who slaved painstakingly over every little detail to make this house perfect. Thank you for all your hard work, Jesse!

And finally, we want to thank our clients who were so great to work with.  It’s such a joy to see them happily living in their new Solares home.


  1. Russell July 26, 2016 Reply

    Thank you for continuing to blog about your projects. This one is close to my heart as I live in a Victorian semi as well. You continue to impress with your thoughtful considerations for structure and energy efficiency as a priority before finishes etc, but still pull off a beautiful aesthetic. I’d be interested in seeing more pictures of this project, perhaps even the third floor bath with the hidden tub.

    • Author
      Solares July 26, 2016 Reply

      Thank you Russell! We are happy the blog inspires you! Unfortunately we don’t have any photos of the upstairs tub, that bathroom was just a little too tight to get our equipment in!

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