Envelope: Credit River’s Cladding, Insulation, and Exteriors

A lot has been done since we last spoke about our lovely Credit River Project!

Construction of the house’s shell was swift and efficient, thanks to our building team and the structure’s innovative materials. The building has really taken shape, and it’s not only beautiful: it’s airtight and well insulated. Today we’ll be talking about the home’s envelope, which includes insulation, doors, windows, and roof and wall cladding.

If you remember, our last post about Credit River talked about our home’s construction and structure.

The picturesque Frank Lloyd Wright inspired home uses the innovative Hercuwall system. Normally, a building’s structure and envelope are composed of several different materials, all doing their specific and independent jobs. But what makes Hercuwall so unique is that it is one single product that acts as the structure, insulation, water, air and vapour barrier, and window and door bucks. Plus, It arrives on site in custom panels that are specifically sized to match the house’s design, which makes installation a breeze.

After the Hercuwall structure was erected, all we had to do to ensure air tightness was to tape the joints of the wall sections with a tape specially manufactured for Hercuwall, applied on the exterior of the joints. After the walls were sealed, we used the tape to seal the windows to the walls, and the walls to the roof.

Our roof is composed of a few different components. For insulation, we applied spray foam the underside of the roof’s sheathing, which works triple-duty as insulation, air barrier and vapour barrier. The roof’s exterior is sheet steel affixed onto strapping, which promotes ventilation behind the cladding.

Then we installed our windows, from a company based out of Winnipeg called Accurate Dorwin. We’ve used Accurate Dorwin products before with excellent results. Their windows are high quality, super durable, triple glazed, fiberglass framed… we could go on!

The house’s exterior is just as lovely as the surrounding property, with warm, inviting colours and natural materials.

The wall cladding is composed of a manufactured stone base in beige, cream, and grey, made by a Canadian company called Arriscraft. This stone cladding wraps around the structure like a skirt, around the building’s base. Above the stone base sits factory finished wood siding, by a Canadian company called Maibec. The caramel-coloured wood siding paired with the muted stone cladding creates a striking aesthetic that harkens back to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Usonian houses of the mid 1900s, which are known for their tranquil beauty, open floor plans, and minimal upper levels or basements. They also typically used materials native to the landscape, and the interiors maintained a strong visual connection to the outdoors. We ensured Credit River’s exterior was just as beautiful as its interiors, something Frank Lloyd Wright would have been proud of.

The house is well sealed and coming along smoothly! Next time we talk about Credit River, we’ll be talking its high-efficiency systems.


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