Design: Frontenac’s Smart Single Storey

  • Our 3D rendering of the finished exterior!

  • Our 3D rendering of the finished exterior!

It’s time to show you Frontenac’s floor plans! Or should I say “floor plan”, because this new build will be a compact single-storey, sunken into the landscape and surrounded by nature.

For those of you who need a refresher, Frontenac House is on a beautiful eastern Ontario lakeside lot, circled by forest and cliffs. Sitting at 5 acres of land, the lot is compact yet replete with natural features like granite rock outcroppings, tall spindly cedars, maples, and birch trees, and a sloping southern lakeside view. The lot, though lovely, is difficult and irregular – with only a small patch of build-able land which made designing (and building!) on the property challenging. But, our design takes all that into account and celebrates the property’s features, like the large rock outcropping on the north-west corner of the house site, affectionately nicknamed “The Whale” for its uncanny likeness to a breaching whale. But the house doesn’t just compliment the property – the home is also tailored to our clients’ needs, so the finished product will be a practical and relaxing haven for the couple to spend years in.

Now that we’ve refreshed our memory, let’s take a virtual tour of our floor plan!

The front foyer stands on the east end of the house, preceded by an enclosed garage and a small front porch. The laundry/mechanical room in the southeast corner of the house also leads off the foyer, as does a small coat room. Walk through the foyer, and the house splits into two main areas before you: the great room, along the south wall, and individual bedrooms, bathrooms, and an office on the north. Large south-facing windows fill the south wall, to collect the sun’s warmth in true passive-solar spirit. Plus, the lake’s orientation to the south is an added bonus – the views of the lake through these windows will be breathtaking.

A compact kitchen island stands between the kitchen and dining area, perfect for food prep and dinner party bartending. The sitting area sits just beyond the dinner table, with the room’s piece de resistance: a large free-standing fireplace which partitions the living area from the wife’s office. As a writer, she wanted the freedom to move, pace, and walk throughout the house while brainstorming, but also needed privacy to be able to concentrate. Just a few steps away are the master bedroom and the enclosed porch. The porch includes an added sitting and dining area so the couple can enjoy the outdoors bug-free in the summer months. The Great Room’s north wall will be left blank as a space where the couple can exhibit their proudly owned works of art.

On the north side of the house, the foyer splits into a small hallway heading north, which leads to an office, a small bathroom, and a room the couple will use as a gym/tv room/guest bedroom. The office tucked in the northeast corner will work well for the husband, who likes his own space when he works from home, so he can shut himself away and hone in on his work. The private office also means any phone calls to his clients or colleagues won’t disrupt his wife’s creative flow. The master bedroom sits in the far northwest corner, with a view of “The Whale” and a large walk-in closet and bathroom en-suite.

Next time I talk about Frontenac House, I’ll be focussing on all the grunt-work of making this design a reality – like site prep, the foundations, the construction of the floors, walls, and heavy-duty flat roof.

This place is going up fast, but we’ll keep trying to catch you up to speed!


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